6 job interview tips for success

Our top job interview tips to wow would-be employers

Are you actively searching for a new job and looking to land an interview in the field? If so, then you will want to start with a solid CV and cover letter that will stand out from those of other applicants. This is the best way to get contacted for an interview. However, most companies interview several applicants for just one position, so it can be nerve racking to realize that the odds are against you when going into an interview. Fortunately, there are some tips you can keep in mind to impress your potential new employer when it comes time to interview for the position.

Dress for success

Regardless of the job you are interviewing for, whether it be a warehouse job or a white collar position, you should wear professional attire to an interview. This includes a suit and tie for men and a blouse and dress slacks or a skirt for women. Dressing professionally for an interview will show that you take the opportunity seriously.

Read more about what to wear to a job interview here.

Learn about the company you are interviewing for

It is often impressive to employers when interviewees are able to subtly demonstrate that they have prior knowledge of what the company does. Do some research ahead of time to find out more about the company, and pick out a few things about the company that appeal to you.

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Practice, practice, practice!

Ask a friend or somebody you know in the field to conduct a mock interview with you. This can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety on your part. Furthermore, this gives you an option to receive feedback on your responses and demeanour. If you are a recent college graduate, check with your school to see if they offer mock interviews as part of their career services program.

Get some practice with sample questions in this video:

Name-drop (subtly)

If you were referred for an interview by somebody who currently works at the company or in the field, do not hesitate to mention his or her name during the interview. Be sure to do it at an opportune time when it seems natural, and do not force it. After all, landing a job really is more so about who you know these days.

“It is possible to name-drop effectively. One of the main objections to name-dropping is the expectation that the person doing the name-dropping somehow expects to jump the queue or be done a favour. This violates many people’s sense of fair play. So, it’s vital that you get the message across very quickly that you are not name-dropping with an expectation of an easy ride, but mentioning a witness who can attest to your skills in a particular area.”

Kazim Ladimeji, Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Anticipate questions

Take the time to research common interview questions for various jobs online ahead of time. This way, you can plan your responses and practice rehearsing what you will say in the event that you are asked any of those questions.

Here are some common interview questions and suggested answers.

Thank them for their time

Never forget to send a thank-you or follow up letter of some sort to the company that interviews you. This will show that you appreciate their time and is a great way to follow up with them and have them keep you in mind. Of course, you should always shake hands and thank them prior to leaving the interview as well.

Here’s a sample thank you letter from Recruitment Agency Michael Page.

We hope these six job interview tips give you the edge over other candidates and help you to land your dream job!

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