Why isn’t your careers page attracting candidates?

A careers page is often the first insight a potential employee will get of a company, so it’s important to get it right. Think of it as an opportunity to sell your company as well as job vacancies to candidates. What sort of impression does out-of-date content or a lengthy application process give about your company?

Don’t leave it to the news page or blog

Adding jobs to your news page or company blog make them hard to find, not having a specific point on your site to go to for jobs is a mistake. No one is going to trawl through irrelevant articles in the chance they might stumble across a job!

Keep it Current

Keep your vacancies up to date, nothing looks worse than a list of outdated job adverts. If there are no current opportunities then say so.  Offering the opportunity to send through a prospective CV if there are no openings is a good way of showing you are looking to the future and suggest the areas that you might be looking to expand.

Make it easy to navigate/search

This may seem obvious, but candidates will leave your page if they can’t find what they are looking for. Make sure that your search works and job details are easily accessible without having to download large files to see any details. Having to go through a longwinded registration process before being able to see the job specification is also a big turn off.

Give a feel of the company and the people that work there

It’s always nice to see the faces behind a company; some sites even provide a short profile and insight from new employees on what it’s like to work there. This endorses what a great company yours is to work for and makes others want to join.

Provide a thorough job description

The candidate isn’t going to apply if all the information isn’t forthcoming. For example, if the salary isn’t listed it might be felt that you’re hiding something. If you have a tight budget then be honest, when the candidate finds out the salary is too low at interview or worse offer stage, it wastes time for all involved.

It’s advisable to provide a more detailed job description in a downloadable pdf for example, and provide a shorter introduction on the main page.

Keep the application process simple

Don’t put off applicants by having a lengthy process for applying, long forms with endless boxes to complete are going to put off most. Providing you with a CV and covering letter should give you the information needed to assess a candidates credentials, if you’re still unsure then a telephone interview can always be held.

Point of contact

Using a generic email sometimes seems a little impersonal; if possible use a suitable contact name and email address for applicants to send their CV to.


Using an auto response to all applications is a good idea; it saves endless calls chasing applications and is also good manners! Remember to give unsuccessful candidates the courtesy of telling them they haven’t made it through to interview stage.

It’s important to think about the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. Providing an easy application process and a good insight into the company on a dedicated careers page will hopefully see you reaching a much wider audience and attracting a great new employee for your vacancy.

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